In the fitness industry we find ourselves standing at a fork in the road….


To the right we have the path more frequently traveled, this is the path of giving people what they want in fitness. 


-Flyers and programs that promise chiseled abs in 6 weeks working out only 30 minutes 3 times a week.


-Programing and designing workouts that have no real purpose then to drip buckets of sweat on the floor and burn as many calories as possible through high metabolic demanding exercises. 


-Monitoring the scale to show improvements even though most people already obsess over weight in an unhealthy way


-Ignoring people’s poor relationship with food and just having them cut out the “bad stuff”. 


-Doing push-ups and burpees over and over while a trainer stands over them yelling “NO PAIN NO GAIN!


We look down this path and perhaps we know that it is not the best route but it looks easy to travel, unintimidating and we know where it goes so there is comfort.




To the left there lies a path less traveled…the path of giving people what the need. 


-Taking the time to educate staff and clients/members on the human body & the best methods to train it to improve daily live and activities.


-Learning how to develop workouts that help participants develop a body that works and allow them to do the things they love to do


-Helping people connect with their inner strength and confidence and not always looking to the scale for affirmation


-Changing the way we think about nutrition and fitness in our lives; as valuable vehicles of change that take lots of time, care and maintenance but that the benefits are well beyond the investment


-Helping people find their passion in fitness by developing our skills to create experiences that are challenging, engaging and fun


This path looks a bit scary and often overwhelming to travel.  It is over grown in part and the path is often unclear.  The idea of the unknown in both journey and destination is at times to much to bear and can make us quit before we even get started.  We know it will not be easy but there is a part deep inside of us that is excited at the possibility of adventure and challenge…


Which path do you choose?


Give people what they want and they will value you for a short time.  Give people what they NEED and they will value you forever.


About caseystutzman

Casey Stutzman is an AFAA certified trainer and has been actively involved in the fitness industry since 2004. Since 2006 he has acted as the Head Trainer at the Bay Athletic Club in Alpena Michigan. Casey’s love of athletics and competition drove him in to the fitness industry. He uses his experience as a division 1 college football player, amateur bodybuilding competitor, strongman competitor to help others reach their goals in all areas of fitness. Casey spends his time at Bay Athletic Club teaching Boot Camps, small group training sessions, training clients and working with participants in Bay Athletic Club’s Corporate Fit Challenge program. He also develops strength and conditioning programs and does performance training for a number of local athletic organizations and high school teams. As an Ignite Performance Master trainer and Master Instructor for TRX Casey travels North America to educate and connect with fitness professionals to help them offer more to their clients and athletes. Time outside of fitness is occupied with reading, travel, indoor rock climbing, snow sports and being an active outdoorsman. He enjoys spending free time with his wife Mary Beth, his daughter Vesper, son Indiana and Turkish the family dog.

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