How did Facebook pass MySpace for social networking dominance in almost no time flat?  How did Google swoop past Yahoo! Who had a HUGE head start in the world of search engines? The answer is simple; literally!  Simplicity my friends.  Google has a nice and clean front page, everything you want nothing you don’t , yahoo is so cluttered it’s hard to even find where to put your query in.  MySpace became so crazy with personalization that even setting up your page was an all-day task.  We recently got my mom on Facebook after trying for months and within a couple days she was using it all the time.  I think about even attempting to get her on MySpace, my phone would have turned into 24/7 tech support.  With Facebook now only was she on in a few minutes she was active with in the first hour.  Simple.


How does this relate to training?  As trainers we get excited by really cool exercises and workouts, unique combinations of equipment or sets and reps to challenge ourselves and our clients.  We like the “wow” factor of an exercise. “How can I keep adding equipment or variables to make this something someone would want to stop and watch?”


Wow factor exercises and workouts are often very high level ones that are the most challenging progressions of foundational movements.   Throwing at clients and athletes to soon is like trying to build a sky scraper on sand, there will be problems.  Before a specular structure can be built a strong foundation has to be built. 99% of the people we work with (clients and athletes) need regressions to build a strong foundation


Simplicity is key, the ability to break any exercise down to its most basic form to train foundational movements is what will give our clients the results they are after.  When you climb the Sears tower you have to start at the ground floor, think of exercise progression the same way.  This will help your clients and athletes achieve new levels in their fitness, keep them injury free and eventually able to do the really unique modification of movements and drills.  Focusing on foundational movement even for athletes can help fix poor movement habits, clean up imbalances and help them break through plateaus.


Yahoo! and MySpace spent too much time focusing on “what else they could add” what new features would people like.  In the end beauty through simplicity triumphed.  You don’t have to have a bag of flashy exercises to keep current clients and attract new ones; you just have to the ones you have results.


About caseystutzman

Casey Stutzman is an AFAA certified trainer and has been actively involved in the fitness industry since 2004. Since 2006 he has acted as the Head Trainer at the Bay Athletic Club in Alpena Michigan. Casey’s love of athletics and competition drove him in to the fitness industry. He uses his experience as a division 1 college football player, amateur bodybuilding competitor, strongman competitor to help others reach their goals in all areas of fitness. Casey spends his time at Bay Athletic Club teaching Boot Camps, small group training sessions, training clients and working with participants in Bay Athletic Club’s Corporate Fit Challenge program. He also develops strength and conditioning programs and does performance training for a number of local athletic organizations and high school teams. As an Ignite Performance Master trainer and Master Instructor for TRX Casey travels North America to educate and connect with fitness professionals to help them offer more to their clients and athletes. Time outside of fitness is occupied with reading, travel, indoor rock climbing, snow sports and being an active outdoorsman. He enjoys spending free time with his wife Mary Beth, his daughter Vesper, son Indiana and Turkish the family dog.

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