Trainer’s Toolbox Podcast Episode 009 – The Back Pain Road Map

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Welcome to the trainers toolbox podcast for fitness professionals where we harness the power of synergy through understanding and acheive excellence through education.  Podcasting out of Alpena Michigan I am your host Casey Stutzman, Head trainer at Bay Athletic Club, Master Instructor for TRX and an Ignite Performance Master Trainer.  On today’s show we are talking about how to deal with clients who experience back pain
What causes it
  • not enough movement
  • too much repetitive movement
Most important thing to remember; the problem is almost never the problem
  • give example of why pain is felt in the low back and what needs to be address to fix it.  
    • over short, over stretched
  • chasing pain is never answer and you can’t stretch it away
break down the average back pain blue print of an office worker/inactive person
  • relationship between SFL & SBL
  • when sitting
    • claves get tight, limiting dorsi flexion and over-stretching hammies
    • hip flexors get tight, pulling pelvis into anterior tilt (changing curvature of spine)
    • abdominals get tight drawing spine into flexion
    • pec minor gets tight collapse shoulders, over-stretching rhomboids and forcing traps to hold the scap (that’s why they get tense; from over work)
    • cervical spine flexes forward causing hyper extension in C1&C2 leading to neck pain and headaches
How do we fix it
  • release the short areas with full body stretching, yoga and MFR (video links)
  • strengthen the posterior chain (TRX shoulder series link)
  • move in 3D
That wraps up another episode of the Trainer’s Toolbox podcast, thank you again for joining us.  If you want more be sure to head over to and click Join the brigade to subscribe to our free content list.  While your there we would love to hear your comments on this episode and suggestions you have for future episode topics.    Join us in 2 weeks for our next episode where we will be discussing Jargon in fitness

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