Trainer’s Toolbox Podcast Episode 010 – Jargon

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The importance of jargon in fitness, programming an education.

Welcome to the trainers toolbox podcast for fitness professionals where we harness the power of synergy through understanding and acheive excellence through education.  Podcasting out of Alpena Michigan I am your host Casey Stutzman, Head trainer at Bay Athletic Club, Master Instructor for TRX and an Ignite Performance Master Trainer.  On today’s show we are going to do our first audio visual podcast!  I have posted a bunch of pics at under this post that will help listeners follow along or use as a reference.

Why to use

When to use (with other professionals) and when not to use (with clients)

Body positions

Photo Jan 09, 12 04 12 PM

  • anatomical
  • prone
  • supine

Basic Kinesiology

  • flexion flamingo video
  • Abd & adduction
  • supination / pronation
  • Inversion / eversion
  • retraction / protraction
  • elevation / depression

Planes of motion

Photo Jan 09, 12 09 31 PM

  • sagittal
    • flexion
    • extention
  • frontal
    • abduction
    • adduction
    • lateral flexion (trunk & neck)
  • transverse
    • medial rotation
    • lateral rotation
    • supination
    • pronation

Location terms

  • medial / lateral
    • pec major / medial deltPhoto Dec 17, 12 09 49 PM
      • superior / inferior
        • upper traps / middle trapsPhoto Dec 17, 12 16 08 PM
    • deep / superficial
    • internal oblique / external obliquePhoto Dec 17, 12 13 29 PM
    • anterior / posterior
      • shoulder headsPhoto Dec 17, 12 06 20 PM
    • proximal / distal
      • PhalangesPhoto Dec 17, 12 22 42 PM

That wraps up another episode of the Trainer’s Toolbox podcast, thank you again for joining us.  If you want more be sure to head over to and click Join the brigade to subscribe to our free content list.  While your there we would love to hear your comments on this episode and suggestions you have for future episode topics.    Join us in 2 weeks for our next episode where we discuss how to deal with clients who suffer from back pain


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